Solea Copperfield Founder's Club

The Solea Copperfield Founders Club-Why Should You Join?

Part of living in an active adult community is taking an active role in your life as you start to cross the threshold into what’s traditionally thought of as the age of retirement. Rather than feeling as if you’re starting to slow down, Solea Copperfield wants to help you maintain your momentum. Our Founders Club is designed to give residents a voice in how their community is structured. So why should you consider becoming a member?

Activity Calendars

While we do our best to offer our residents as many weekly activities as possible, we want you to have a say in what those activities are. By becoming a member of our Founders Club, you’ll discuss our activity calendars according to what you and the other residents prefer. We’ve done our best to create fitness classes and activities for our residents, but we’re always open to making changes and additions to keep things fresh and interesting and make sure there’s something for everyone.

Behind-the-Scenes Updates

As a member of our Founders Club, you’ll be privy to behind-the-scenes information and updates. This is a great way to get excited about the changes taking place in the community. Hopefully, you’re able to keep a few secrets.

First Choice for Unit Selection

We consider each of our apartments as top notch, but there might be one location in particular you’ve got your eye on. Rather than deal with the standard first-come-first-served rules, members of the club have the first choice of our units. Now there’s no need for you to compromise on location, the direction your patio faces or your proximity to your favorite community amenity and activities.

How does being a member of the Solea Copperfield Founders Club sound to you? We look forward to welcoming you and having you as a member of the club as well as our active adult community.