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Progress Update: Looking Mighty Tall  

Framing is one of the most exciting times of the construction process. Everyday the project takes on a new shape and a new look. This week we are looking mighty tall. Buildings 2 and 7 are topping out with their 3rd floor and roof trusses. Building 3 is following close behind raising up the 2nd floor.


Did you know that when looking at Solea Copperfield completed we will look like one solid building but we are actually 7 buildings put together? Don't you worry, there are elevators and beautiful hallways that make these seven buildings look like they have always belonged together.

garage 3 and 4 pavement staked.jpg
9.6 Workers.jpg
Bld 4 decking.jpg
9.6 2nd floor walls.jpg
bld 5 floor deck.jpg
dentention pond steel.jpg
progress 1.jpg