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Progress Update-Leasing Trailer and Pool Install

It's been a couple weeks since we posted an update on our construction progress. We have been preparing a lot of the behind the scenes details (Hard Hat Tours Coming Soon!) to make sure we are on point for opening day! Our beautiful new home has taken on quite a new look over the last several weeks. Let's check out some of our most recent accomplishments.

1. We are almost dried-in in several buildings, building 5 is the last building waiting for the roof.

2. We are getting a face! The team has begun texturing the exterior of building 2 with stucco.

3. The pool was dug and concrete poured. (I see many refreshing dips in the pool this upcoming summer!)

4. The city permitted a new turn lane in the median for our future residents. We thought that was mighty of kind of them.

5. The demand has been so high for our apartment homes that we decided to set up a leasing trailer on site. We will have a leasing team on site 7 days a week available to answer all questions and concerns. Hard hat tours will be by appointment only.

6. Some of the homes began their pamper session receiving their first treatment of crown molding. They sure are looking lovely.

7. More garage bays were built around the building.

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