Benefits of Active Adult Living

3 Ways Living at an Active Adult Community Can Boost Your Happiness

After spending most of your life with peers at school or in your career, you may feel a little lost after you retire. Aging can be lonely, especially if you live alone. However, the senior demographic is growing quickly. By 2020, approximately 17 percent of the American population is expected to be 65 or older. Living in active adult communities among others who are in a similar stage in life can help increase your happiness during your golden years.

Improve Your Social Life

Living in a location with a cohesive social environment can boost your mood. Research shows that it can also keep you mentally and physically healthy. Senior living communities enable your friends to live nearby. This establishes trust and provides someone to help you when you need assistance. Active senior communities schedule social activities that encourage you to get out and make meaningful connections.

Stay Fit While Having Fun

People of any age often need motivation to exercise. Getting physical activity becomes more challenging if your neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks or you don’t belong to a gym. At an independent senior living center, you have access to recreational facilities that make it easy to get active.

A 24-hour fitness center is like having a home gym. Having access to a variety of classes helps prevent you from getting bored with an exercise routine. Programs that are targeted to seniors focus on balance, strength and mobility.

Plus, you can get together with your neighbors to make working out more fun and stay accountable. The grounds are also safe and manicured and encourage you to get moving.

Exercising increases levels of feel-good transmitters in your brain. It can enhance your mood and improve your happiness.

A Country Club Lifestyle In Your Backyard

Keeping up with a yard can be a hassle as you grow older. Still, a manicured landscape is calming to look at and safer to live around. Active adult communities take care of the properties so that you have more time to devote to doing the things that you love.

Manicured gardens entice you to get outdoors. Even just 15 minutes of sun exposure a day can increase your levels of vitamin D, which are linked to a positive mood. Senior living communities with pools can help you feel like you’re at a resort, which can keep you happy throughout the year.

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