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With so many available options, finding a senior living community can be a daunting task. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, begin your search by establishing the features you need in your senior living apartment. Regularly planned outings, strong security and a thriving community center are just some of the most popular amenities that help make an active adult community feel like home.

Community Center

A community center bustling with neighbors and things to do helps you keep busy and engaged. Community centers can include many potential amenities, such as a movie theater or recreation room. Many centers are also equipped with a kitchen, allowing you to entertain guests in the community center or party with your neighbors.

Rentable Hospitality Suite

Senior living apartments feature many amenities, but your individual apartment might not be bursting with enough space to accommodate all of your visitors. A rentable hospitality suite can help alleviate this concern with 55 and older...

55+ Active Apartments | Houston

If you're thinking about moving into a senior living community, you might wonder what your loved ones will do when they come to visit you. You may worry that there won't be enough room or any activities to entertain guests, especially young grandchildren. At Solea Copperfield, residents and guests alike can take advantage of our long list of attractive amenities.

Take a Walk through Our Beautiful Grounds

Inviting your family or friends on a walk around our independent living apartments is a great way to spend time together while enjoying nature. During your walk, you can smell the flowers, stop by our koi pond or enjoy the fresh air while sitting comfortably in the shade.

Stay Awhile in the Hospitality Suite

If your family members need to travel long distances to visit you, consider renting the hospitality suite at Solea Copperfield. Your guests will have access to the comforts of home and won't need to find a hotel to stay in. In addition, they'll be able to visit you at any hour with only a short walk to your...

Benefits of Active Adult Living

After spending most of your life with peers at school or in your career, you may feel a little lost after you retire. Aging can be lonely, especially if you live alone. However, the senior demographic is growing quickly. By 2020, approximately 17 percent of the American population is expected to be 65 or older. Living in active adult communities among others who are in a similar stage in life can help increase your happiness during your golden years.

Improve Your Social Life

Living in a location with a cohesive social environment can boost your mood. Research shows that it can also keep you mentally and physically healthy. Senior living communities enable your friends to live nearby. This establishes trust and provides someone to help you when you need assistance. Active senior communities schedule...

active adult apartments

As you move into retirement, you may be starting to think about where you’ll live during your retirement years, and whether you’ll stay in your home or move to another community. Active adult apartment communities have become more popular in recent years, as they let residents stay independent while giving them the chance to get away from the common responsibilities homeowners have. Age-restricted communities such as Solea Copperfield also have a variety of benefits to enjoy including social events, beautifully maintained grounds, and more. Read on to learn more about living at Solea Copperfield, and schedule your tour today!

Sense of Community

Living with people in a similar phase of life who have common interests fosters a sense of community. This works to improve residents’ well-being and quality of life. Residents can also participate in community gardens, work with children or engage in other shared activities. At Solea Copperfield, our welcoming atmosphere encourages residents to remain socially active by volunteering and sharing their life...

Solea Copperfield Ribbon Cutting.jpg

Thanks to everyone that showed up for our Ribbon Cutting Event and thank you to the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce. It was great to meet many members of the Chamber and enjoy excellent food and desserts with current residents and folks thinking about making Solea Copperfield their home!

Grand Opening Image.jpg

Please come join us on Thursday, April 6th from 11:30am to 4:00pm for a Grand Opening Celebration and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. We will have food served by Moyz Street Food, recognized by Houstonian's as one of Houston's best food trucks, and cold popcicle treats from KICPOPS. There will also be live entertainment to enjoy in our newly opened clubhouse.

Solea Copperfield Senior Living Courtyard

Our spacious clubhouse and several buildings are now open and our first residents have moved in. Call us to schedule a private tour or come by and participate in one of our many social or fitness activities. See you soon.

Active Senior Apartments for Rent

It's been a couple weeks since we posted an update on our construction progress. We have been preparing a lot of the behind the scenes details (Hard Hat Tours Coming Soon!) to make sure we are on point for opening day! Our beautiful new home has taken on quite a new look over the last several weeks. Let's check out some of our most recent accomplishments.

1. We are almost dried-in in several buildings, building 5 is the last building waiting for the roof.

2. We are getting a face! The team has begun texturing the exterior of building 2 with stucco.

3. The pool was dug and concrete poured. (I see many refreshing dips in the pool this upcoming summer!)

4. The city permitted a new turn lane in the median for our future residents. We thought that was mighty of kind of them.

5. The demand has been so high for our apartment homes that we decided to set up a leasing trailer on site. We will have a leasing team on site 7 days a week available to answer all questions and concerns. Hard hat tours will be by appointment only.

6. Some of the homes...

How to Reclaim Your Energy After 55

Fitness can be fun with amazing benefits

Fitness sometimes can be seen as a chore. You select a certain time or multiple days to put on your workout attire and head to the gym. Am I working on my legs or arms today? Cardio or strength exercises? The routine workout can get mundane. However, this isn’t the case when you are having fun and see the health and social benefits derived from your daily or weekly workout. Did you know your mood is boosted post fitness? As calories are burned for fuel, your body’s endorphin's rise making you happy and engaging. In fitness events such as group fitness classes, social anxiety is reduced making the individual open and receptive to other attendees. Individuals are more likely to interact and engage one another following a group fitness event. Not to mention, fitness helps improve memory, confidence, energy and helps ease depression. With so many benefits, why not improve your health by participating in fitness activities!

At Solea Copperfield, we have a fitness program that will fit your needs....

Solea Copperfield Senior Living Amenities

The Founder's Club is in full swing. Last week, we met at the beautiful Sterling Country Club to enjoy delicious fajita's, refreshing beverages and great company while discussing moving strategies. Fitcasa joined us in the end to host a friendly pictionary competition.

Solea Copperfield Under Construction

It's amazing what a little roof and Tyvek can do to change the overall look of construction. Construction has taken advantage of all this great weather making lots of headway on our soon to be new home. We now have 2 full buildings with roofs (#1 and #7-both on either side of the Resident Center). The teams are prepping these buildings for Sheetrock and Stucco (coming soon!).

We were also greeted with our first set of private garages. Looks like one guy didn't get the memo that it may take a few more days to complete, but we love their tenacity.

A few other items that were accomplished this week.

  • Building 3's windows were installed
  • Our veranda now has a roof
  • We have stairs! All of the stairway landings were completed
  • The resident center is starting to take shape
Spiderman Released June 1962

As we gather around with our new Founders Club members our Solea team is often overwhelmed with the sounds of laughter and first impressions being embedded as a forever memory. Most recently, it had us thinking; what would these conversations sound like if the year were... lets say 1962. Let's looks at some of the topics they may be discussing.


  • Shelby Cobra
  • Pontiac Grand Prix
  • MGB

Comics: Marvel's iconic Spiderman made his debut in June, 1962 even though it was dated for August (Whoops!)

Popular Film:

TV Show:...

Thank You from Solea Copperfield

Watching Solea Copperfield transform week over week is fun. This week we wanted to stop and appreciate the teams that are bringing this masterpiece together. These guys and gals are working relentlessly from sun-up to sun-down to build a home that will share a lot of laughs and a lot of memories. Thank you ladies, and gentlemen. Not a week (really a day) goes by that we don't see all the hard work you all are doing.

DID YOU KNOW: All of the roads/parking lots are almost finished? In a few months the construction dirt will fade to green space and the dirty crew cab's will be swapped out with our happy new neighbors.

Construction Progress Update

Construction is humming along and this week we were greeted with a beautiful shingled roof. Building 2 is the first section to top out. Building 3 (just behind building 2) completed framing the 3rd floor and our beautiful Clubhouse (front and center) is looking sharp with the 2nd floor addition.

Forget construction orange or yellow, hello construction purple. Drone photo's are always fun because you can find things you wouldn't normally see. This time it looks like our construction team added a little spice to all the natural wood color surroundings by adding a splash of purple to the mix. Looking good!

Why Should Seniors Stay Social?

Caring, Sharing, and Enjoying Life!

The Health Benefits from Social Interactions for Seniors

Research shows that seniors who are socially active and stay busy volunteering and maintaining a social network are some of the happiest and healthiest of their age group. Studies show they live longer than those who become isolated. The health benefits of volunteerism are well documented, but it is even more powerful when your service gives you a sense of purpose in life.

As the baby boomer generation moves closer to retirement age, many are looking for the best community that offers a social life, recreation, privacy and relaxation, all crucial to staying healthy. Solea Copperfield caters to the needs of their residents who want to be socially, physically and mentally active.

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure you will be healthy and happy long into your...

Progress Roof Truss.jpg

Framing is one of the most exciting times of the construction process. Everyday the project takes on a new shape and a new look. This week we are looking mighty tall. Buildings 2 and 7 are topping out with their 3rd floor and roof trusses. Building 3 is following close behind raising up the 2nd floor.


Did you know that when looking at Solea Copperfield completed we will look like one solid building but we are actually 7 buildings put together? Don't you worry, there are elevators and beautiful hallways that make these seven buildings look like they have always belonged together.

Solea Copperfield Founder's Club

Part of living in an active adult community is taking an active role in your life as you start to cross the threshold into what’s traditionally thought of as the age of retirement. Rather than feeling as if you’re starting to slow down, Solea Copperfield wants to help you maintain your momentum. Our Founders Club is designed to give residents a voice in how their community is structured. So why should you consider becoming a member?

Activity Calendars

While we do our best to offer our residents as many weekly activities as possible, we want you to have a say in what those activities are. By becoming a member of our Founders Club, you’ll discuss our activity calendars according to what you and the other residents prefer. We’ve done our best to create fitness classes and activities for our residents, but we’re always open to making changes and additions to keep things fresh and interesting and make sure there’s something for everyone.

Behind-the-Scenes Updates

As a member of our Founders Club, you’ll be privy to...


We are moving right along and vertical too!

The teams are working on framing all three floors of the buildings. The area of the building that you can see with the concrete foundation will be our beautiful veranda that we anticipate many beautiful sunrises and sunsets will be enjoyed from.

EXPOSED: Check out our "good side" from our last photo shoot. If you look closely, you can see all of our floor plan layouts. No, those concrete columns are not chimneys. Those, my friends are our 3 elevator shafts.

Up..Up..And Away We Go!!

Having Fun at Solea Copperfield | Houston Senior Apartments

Active adult living is all about engaging your mind and body as you maintain your independence. At Solea Copperfield Apartments we want our residents to be happy and healthy, which is one reason we offer as many groups and activities as possible.

Weekly Fitness Classes

Physical fitness is a core focus of our activity program. Weekly cardio, strength and dance classes are designed to challenge you while also fostering a sense of community among residents. No matter the type of physical fitness activity you enjoy, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect option for your preferences. We offer everything from aqua aerobics and yoga to balance classes.

Weekly Social

It’s not just a home, it’s YOUR home and we want you to feel like a true member of the Solea Copperfield community. Our weekly socials provide opportunities to catch up with your friends and neighbors. Outside of our regular socials, we also have a resident coffee and wine bar, library, fenced-in dog park and resort pool with sun deck, providing you with plenty of...

What is Active Senior Living?

Understanding Active Adult Living

At Solea Copperfield , we want you to understand how our boutique, resort style community is unique in its offerings compared to other housing options available. One of the best ways to do that is to offer more insight on the type of senior living experience we offer. As a premier 55+ active senior apartment community we focus on building a sense of belonging and fostering lifelong friendships and family-like neighbors. A place where together we can celebrate the joys and beauty of each and every day.

Active Living

What is active living? Active Living means you’re an individual that does not require assistance in normal day to day task. In an active adult community, you’re personally responsible for your meals, transportation, medical care, personal care and housekeeping. It’s a place that allows you to be you and enjoy your favorite pleasures any time you would like. Active living is a lock and leave lifestyle. Empower yourself to take that trip you have always dreamt about while we tend to...