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Join your neighbors for BYOB Karaoke and Line Dancing on Saturday, April 13th at 6pm. There will be food provided. We want to hear you sing!

Gina made some delicious roasted salmon with a balsamic vinaigrette salad for the cooking demo. The salad was tossed fresh strawberries, red & yellow tomatoes, blueberry craisins, and feta cheese. Please be sure to sign-up to attend future cooking classes. Next month we will have Chef Cedric coming out to prepare Chicken Alfredo from scratch.

It’s National Pet Day — a time to thoroughly appreciate the planet’s most amazing animals. Consider it Valentine’s Day for your dog, cat, bird, or whatever else has captured your heart on this day. If you consider your pet a member of the family, you’re definitely not alone: 60 percent of pet owners feel the same way! In fact, two-thirds of Americans have pets, with the ASPCA estimating 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats in the U.S alone. Fish, gerbils, rabbits, and turtles are a big part of this day too.

Starting Friday, March 15th join your neighbors at 5pm for a BYOB Happy Hour in the Club House. Bring some light bites to share. Get out and mingle!🥂 🍻🍸 🍷 🍹🥃🍶

We sent out a survey to all of our residents today. Please fill it out and bring it back to the office. Stop by and talk to Gina, if you have any ideas for trips or activities.

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