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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Adult Living?

Active Adult Living is a new housing concept that allows those that are 55+ to live in community with each other and share in similar life-cycles. It is an apartment community filled with laughs and opportunities to engage in daily activities and fellowship. Active Adult Living apartments do not provide or require any food plans, transportation, or health assistance. It is simply a home to enjoy without the yard work, home repairs, or required upkeep. Active Adult Living frees you to live the life you've earned.

How do I qualify to live here?

Solea Copperfield is an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider and operates in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act. All applicants will be screened through a background and consumer credit check.

In order to qualify, all applicants per home must cumulatively make three times the monthly rent in income. In addition, one applicant per home must be 55 years of age or older, and his/her spouse or roommate cannot be younger than 35. See the full Statement of Rental Policy for all qualifying questions and details.

What will I do every day?

Anything you want. That is the great part of a community designed with you in mind. Solea Copperfield hosts social engagements daily. You can join in as little or as much as you would like. Have a suggestion or preference of activities? Meet with our on-site team to help customize your lifestyle. Our teams work hard to continually enhance and improve our events to keep you enjoying the lifestyle you deserve.

Are the apartment homes furnished?

Our homes are designed for you to add your personalized touch. For that reason we do not offer furnished homes. We are more than happy to assist you in finding new furniture if needed.

Are the costs of daily activities included?

These activities are included in your monthly rent. Our team works hard to ensure you can enjoy activities in fitness, dance, art, music, and food.

What additional expenses should I budget for?

As with home ownership, you are responsible for typical monthly utility costs. These include electric, water, trash, pest control, cable, Internet and phone. The only item you would pay directly to Solea Copperfield is the monthly rent.

Just like with home ownership you would be responsible for typical monthly utility costs. This would include electric, water, trash, pest control, Cable/Internet and phone. The only item you would pay directly to Solea Copperfield is the monthly rent.

Can my friends, children, and grandchildren visit?

Absolutely. We love all guests. We just ask that you notify the office if they stay longer than 7 consecutive days. We also ask that a resident accompany the guests at all times when enjoying our public amenity spaces.

Is there a shuttle service?

We do not offer a shuttle service. If you are in need of transportation, our team can help request service from a local shuttle service. We may at times offer shuttles for property specific events and outings.

Can I bring my pets?

Absolutely. We love our furry friends. We just ask that you register them with the front office. There may be a one time pet deposit/fee associated with registering your new family member.